giovedì 12 giugno 2008

Summer Came, Rain Fell

Nonostante il tempo qui sia tutt'altro che estivo, mi ritrovo ad ascoltare spessissimo questa compilation di Skatterbrain. Canzoncine felici, da ascoltare prima di andare al mare.

01 Milky Wimpshake :: Blow Out At 80 Miles Per Hour
02 McCarthy :: Kill Kill Kill Kill
03 Strawberry Fair :: Why Won't He Answer?
04 Go Sailor :: Long Distance
05 Slow Down Tallahassee :: Never Be Lonely Again
06 Bearsuit :: Keep It Together, Somehow
07 Speedmarket Avenue :: Way Better Now
08 Girl Of The World :: Travel
09 Ponies In The Surf :: Holes In The Walls
10 Allen Clapp And His Orchestra :: She Grins And Waves Goodbye
11 The Faintest Ideas :: Another Sunny Day
12 Girls At Our Best! :: Warm Girls
13 Eux Autres :: The City All To Himself
14 Belle And Sebastian :: Dirty Dream Number Two

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